I was born and raised in Chicago near the lakefront, which can be inspiring place to make art. I’ve always been fascinated with people on the fringes of society or who are just plain overlooked. I often found myself watching movies and wondering what the characters in the background might be up to. From an early age I was aware there were infinitely many stories out there and as many different ways to tell them.

The first story I remember reading and really feeling like an adult was IT. I wasn’t allowed to read it, so I smuggled it into my room one summer afternoon. In retrospect, the idea of it being forbidden might have made the book better than it actually was, but I really enjoyed it. It was the first time I felt like I was communing with something. It was private. It was something that, unlike a movie, I was constructing in my own mind and venturing through at my own pace.

Over the years I’ve gravitated more towards realist fiction, though in some ways I’m still exploring who I am as a writer. I do occasionally like to add in elements of the unreal such as in Last Day at the Lab. My main focus tends to be everyday people. A lot of times my favorite characters to write are the man or woman you meet on a bus or in a supermarket who gradually reveal more about themselves. I think writing and reading about other people’s lives is an excellent way to combat the ever-growing feelings of isolation we’re experiencing. Social media has presented a lot of challenges to being present and socially active. I plan to write about this issue more.

I’d much rather put one really good character into a crazy situation than write out a crazy situation with a dozen characters who aren’t convincing.

In my spare time, I also enjoy playing guitar and listening to new records. I like to write songs on occasion and I’ve been in a couple of bands. I’m a big fan of a band from Michigan called Speedy Ortiz. I’ve been fortunate to see them play live once and hope to catch them again. I occasionally draw in a coloring book that I hope to finish one day, although it’s more of a therapeutic tool. As much as this may seem like it’s from a dating profile, I really do enjoy long walks. Don’t question the supremacy of Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish pizza….unless you’re Gulliver’s Pizza.

I’ve included some short stories here and I’ll be adding poetry as I write it. Once again, thank you for coming and if you like what you read I hope you stay awhile.

I’d like to thank all of my friends and my loving family, particularly my parents and my sisters Becca and Erin, for supporting me over the years and encouraging me to continue this crazy dream. Thanks also to Alex for helping me build this site in the first place and to Meggie my girlfriend for standing by me.